The Role of The Women and Family in Human Development

        “This conference was attended by directors or representatives of 57 nation NGOs and of 53 NGOs from 47 countries of the world. The themes considered in this conference included the Role of Women in Human Development, the Role of family in Human Development, and the Role of Divine Religions in the Advancement of Women, which were put forward as the recommendations of the conference for international fora and the Beijing Conference, in particular. A declaration was also unanimously adopted”

ประเภทหนังสือ  :  งานวิชาการด้านเพศสภาพ-เพศวิถี
แหล่งอ้างอิง  :     Rassame  Honar Institute. “The Role of The Women and Family in Human Development.” Women’s Bureau of the Presidential Office. 1996.
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