Muslim Women and The Challenge of Islamic Extremism

        “Political Islam is a phenomenon of the twentieth century. It is a modern, multi-faceted phenomenon consisting of a variety of Islamist movements whose main objective is to attain political power and establish an “Islamic state” throughout the Muslim world. Some of these movement have also expressed the desire to re-establish the “Islamic Caliphate” not unlike the Caliphate that ruled the Ottoman Empire until 1992 although nowadays their notion of governance and government is based on the leading role and central power of religious authorities-the ulama as typified by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.”

ประเภทหนังสือ  :  งานวิชาการด้านเพศสภาพ-เพศวิถี
แหล่งอ้างอิง  :     Norani  Othman. “Muslim Women and The Challenge of Islamic Extremism.” Malaysia : Sisters In Islam. 2005.
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