Ahmadi Women Resisting Fundamentalist Persecution

        “My Family and I arrived at Kampus Mubarak, Parung Bogor West Java for the “National Jalsah” held at 08.00 AM on 7 July 2005. I saw some banners tied on the fence. I was shocked when I read the writing on one of the banners “Ahmadiyya bukan Islam, Nabinya Ghulam Ahmad, Kitab Sucinya Tadzkirah” I had some questions in my mind about who put up those banners, and what was going on, but I could not get any answers at the time. We then came in and joined the Jalsah Salanah

ประเภทหนังสือ  :  งานวิชาการด้านเพศสภาพ-เพศวิถี
แหล่งอ้างอิง  :     Nina  Mariani. “Ahmadi Women Resisting Fundamentalist Persecution.” Indonesia : Globethics.net. 2017.
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